Hello World

Hello World is an international coding club ran by girls in IWA.

Our Members

We are holding a competition for our members to create a fun webpage about themselves! Here are some of our entries:

How to get involved

Email us at information@iwa-helloworld.com and we will send you the starter sheet, which has information on how and why we learn code, how to use the blog and a lesson plan timetable!

How we connect with students around the world

We stay connected by updating on our blog. At the moment students from China, Jersey and India are updating on our blog. We think its great to keep connected with students all over the world through coding!

Why HTML and CSS?

HTML (or Hyper Text Markup Language) is the code used to make websites on the internet and the building blocks for learning other web developement languages. HTML is the 'fondation language', as you need HTML and a programming language (CSS) for every website you build.